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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you are welcome to visit the land you are interested in. You can find a google maps link on every one of our listings here on the website. We encourage you to drive by the land and make sure it’s just right for you before purchasing.

The ability to build immediately may depend on local zoning regulations. We advise you to check with the relevant authorities to understand any restrictions or requirements. However, once you have purchased the lot from us for cash, or we are under contract on a payment plan, then you will have immediate access to the lot to use it for any legally permitted use.

Many of our rural vacant lots are suitable for recreational activities, including hunting, hiking, and camping. However, local regulations may apply. Each listing page shows the general available uses and if you have any additional questions just reach out.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that the land is as described on our website. Additionally, we guarantee free and clear title to the property.

Once you’ve signed the purchase agreement and made the down payment you’ll have the right to start using and improving the property, subject to the terms of the agreement and all applicable regulatory guidelines. If you have entered into a financed purchase agreement, you are allowed to utilize the property in compliance with the contract guidelines.

Yes! We offer in-house, no-qualification financing to purchase our land. Our goal is to make land ownership available for everyone.

We have a cancel any time with no penalty guarantee. We are committed to providing flexibility to our valued customers. In the event that you, as the Buyer, are unable to continue making payments or fulfill the obligations of the contract for any reason, you will not be held responsible for the term or balance owed.

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and we want to ensure that you have the option to cancel without facing any penalties.

If you do cancel the agreement North Star Land will retain any payments made toward the contract. These payments will not be refunded but you will not be subject to any actions for recovery for the remainder due on the contract.


We guarantee that we will not report any negative information to credit agencies if you miss a payment or choose to cancel the contract for any reason. This ensures that your credit score remains unaffected by any cancellation.

If you encounter difficulties paying, please contact our team to discuss potential solutions. We can let you skip a payment for example. Just get in touch, we want to help!

Absolutely! There are no prepayment penalties, so you can pay off the remaining balance early and become the outright owner of the land at any time.

There is no credit check and no extensive application process is required. We believe in making the land-buying process as straightforward and as easy as possible.

If you are purchasing land outright, once the purchase is completed, the sale is considered final, and refunds will not be provided. If you find you are unsatisfied with the lot you purchased, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you by trading you for another one of our lots. But we cannot guarantee we will have another lot that meets your needs. And if you do find one that is priced higher, you’ll need to pay the difference to trade for a higher priced lot.

When buying with us on monthly instalments, all document fees, deposits to hold, and any monthly payments made are non-refundable. As when purchasing with all cash, if you find yourself unsatisfied with the lot you are purchasing, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you by helping you find another one of our available lots to trade for. Any payments you have already made will apply to the new lot when we find one you like better.

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